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Born in Sussex, England, Gina studied fashion at Brighton College of Art and teacher training at Huntingdon Technical College. She worked as a Dress Designer and Pattern Cutter in the London Fashion Industry for twenty-five years, taking a short break to teach for Cambridgeshire County Council while her children were young.


Her love of figurative drawings and her ability to work in 3D, led her to study sculpture and the techniques of fine art. Gina has had many successful exhibitions and commissions. Her paintings and scultpures are in both Private and Public Collections in England, Spain and America.


Artist's Statement:


"I am fascinated with faces. All my childhood drawings were faces, imaginary faces. I draw and paint in all media, but I especially love to paint in oils and pastel. I work from my studio near Granada in Spain, but my clients are mainly based in the UK so I travel between the two countries frequently. I work from live sittings and also from photographs."